Optimize your Frustration by becoming a DISGRUNTLED FELLOW (open to any sexual preference).

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Learn more and make the most of your dissatisfaction,
annoyance, irritation, resentment, and failure.

What is The DISGRUNTLED FELLOWShip Program?

So glad you asked… no, no, sorry… I meant to say, “How DARE you ask!” That’s better; we can’t have too much graciousness within Disgruntlement, now can we?

One of many dictionaries defines a “Fellowship” as a type of scholarship where the participants train within a specific professional environment. This is not a monetary scholarship for YOU; it is an income source for me. That should increase your irritation!

We Need YOU and YOUR Disgruntled Attitude! Together, we can walk across the world and carry our message to others!

I hope you realize that is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek explanation.


The DISGRUNTLED FELLOWShip Program is very real and provides a forum for people who are frustrated, irritated, upset, or just downright angry. However, instead of sitting on the Pity Pot and feeling sorry for oneself, we Disgruntled Fellows seek to share life from a new and different Perspective.

  • Anyone who does not enjoy Life. Are you happy with Life and the People around you? You are not a Disgruntled Fellows candidate.
  • Do you find yourself irritated by something or someone on a daily basis? Join Up!
  • Do you drift towards Negativity? This is for You!
  • Health Benefits – I have never met a person who was disgruntled and, at the same time, joyful or contented. It does not take very much research to discover the adverse impacts of negative emotions on your health and relationships.
  • You Must be Nominated – Click the Apply Now button below.

Don’t Wait One Second Longer

You may not feel that You DESERVE to Enjoy Life, but You CAN Enjoy Life!
Find Out How by Joining the Disgruntled FellowShip!
– This is a monthly Meeting – Click the button and choose your date. Only $9.79!

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Authored by H Mark Taylor – An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team
Copyright © 2024 H Mark Taylor. All rights reserved.

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