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John MaxwellJohn C. Maxwell — Best Selling Author

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pathways introduction

Successful Living is intertwined with these primary gifts: Contentment, Peace, and Perspective. How are you…
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Hi, I’m H Mark Taylor
Sharing new Perspectives and Possibilities
  • H Mark w his German Shepherd
  • H Mark speaking

Hopes and Dreams give us something to strive for and look forward to. They are what make life exciting and meaningful.

H Mark Taylor is a respected corporate professional with extensive experience coaching and leading operations, projects, and staff in large corporate business unit organizations. He has a proven track record in coaching, guiding, and training sizable, diverse operations and infrastructure teams to drive greater efficiencies, engagement, and revenues.

H Mark is also an expert coach, presenter, instructor, and leader who can forge solid relationships with strategic partners and build consensus across multiple organizations.

H has been around the block a while and learned a bit. It takes heat and pressure to form a beautiful diamond. Silver and Gold are refined in the fires of a furnace. See Your World from a different perspective.

Make Your Dreams Reality – one step at a time

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