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pathways ch 3 Why Change is Hard

We are talking about living a sustainable, successful life where you can be happy. What does “be happy” mean? While it means different things to different people, there are some basic tenets you can use to help your daily life experience.

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Pathways ch 1 Joy in the Journey

You can find Joy in your journey every day… if you want to. Your purpose in life lasts a lifetime, and is a daily exercise. Fulfill Your ultimate purpose.

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Pathways Part 1 Overview

What is a good way to look at your life, determine where you are, and decide if there is reason and sufficient ROI for you to embark on a journey to try something different?

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pathways introduction

Successful Living is intertwined with these primary gifts: Contentment, Peace, and Perspective. How are you doing with those three critical gifts?

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