Newsletter — September 2023

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Don’t Be Scared… It’s only me!

Scared People from AFV

I hope you enjoy the YouTube video (click the link above). 

This is H Mark Taylor’s introductory Newsletter!

HINT: if you would rather not hear from me, it’s no problem; let me know, and I will remove your contact information. There is a lot to be worried about on the Internet, but my Newsletter is not one of them.

I recently had a life-changing experience that changed my perspective and attitude. While blessed to be alive, I began to re-inventory what is important in life, and after my family – it is YOU!

More than one person has expressed the importance of people and relationships and encouraged me to share my small perspective about attitude and its impact on life. These Newsletters are my Sharing. There is no cost except a few minutes of your time and my joy in sharing some things I have learned over the past 60+ years.

So, if you don’t mind being entertained by the musings of a fool, please stay tuned for more of it. There’s a LOT MORE entertainment @

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I Opened My Eyes…

It was dark, the windshield gone, the airbags deployed, the dash pushed back on me, and I felt this terrible, crazy pain all over. My first thought was, “I’m going to die.” I felt the sickening feeling of having entered a reality other than what I signed up for as I realized the vehicle was totaled and I was probably injured worse than I knew.

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The Tank & Mark Show

How does a German Shepherd Dog co-host a video blog?
Find out how a football scholarship athlete became a Hollywood star
and a worldwide household name.

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